As I opened my eyes, the first sight that greeted my eyes was of her bare back. Smooth and soothing for my sleepy eyes. As her shoulders did a rhythmic movement, I found out she was in deep sleep.

While I resisted my temptation to touch her, I started noticing even the things that slipped my gaze before. Her sunkissed locks lay carelessly over her flowery pillow. Ah! That pillow cover. I remember that day like it happened yesterday. We were out shopping and she comes up to me showing these hideous flower printed pillow covers which were horrible according to me. My displeasure was met with a poking-the-tongue-out-angry face. Later that night, I found it adorning the pillows. Perfect. Such a stubborn little lady she is.

But now, it looks perfect to me. Like those colourful flowers, she brought colour to my black and white life.

I reach out in an attempt to touch her. Not the rough, but a soft one. A touch enough to satiate my momentary want with an intent to not wake her up. I slid my forefinger from her neck down her spine. Her skin was butter smooth. Oh, I would love her touch more.

As I move in closer, I make sure every attempt to not wake her up. I laid my face on her back. Oh, she was warm, like those first Sunrays in the morning. Then I remembered the warmth that emanated from her when she was entwined with me while I made love with her last night.

She was always warm. Like the sun in my life. Her rays melted even the slightest cold that caged my soul.

As I nuzzled my face on her back, trying to breathe in her fragrance, I knew my beard was pricking her as she squirmed. But she never pushed me away, rather she held my hand and brought it to hug her, pulling me close.

I love this wonderful woman. Every gesture of her amazes even to this day. Holding her close I thanked my stars dearly.

As her fervor spread into me deep, I got sunkissed.


A Journal for the dreamers

As someone who loves to doodle and write random quotes, especially the hopeless romantic ones, I was in search for an apt journal for long. Repeated visits to Archies and Landmark only made me agitated, as I couldn’t find the one that could make me fall in love with it at first sight.


But, the moment I held this journal in my hands, I knew this was meant for me. Matrikas Paper products sent me this beautiful “To dream” journal that has a golden butterfly adorning its top cover. To remind us of the endless possibilities for dreaming like the butterfly flapping its colorful wings, soaring up the sky.

I must say a lot has gone into making this journal because when I ran my fingers through the pages, it felt soft. It was softer when I wrote in it with a ball point pen showing how much care has been taken with regards to the quality of the product. The binding felt really strong keeping the pages intact yet not rigid, making it difficult to turn pages.

With different features present in the journal like colouring pages, stickers, doodling pages, etc. the journal is meant to act as a women’s best friend offering its warm shoulder at the time of direst needs. Every time I hold the same in my hand, I feel like I have my trusted friend with me.

Thanks Matrika for this wonderful opportunity to cherish this journal and write for the same. Hope you would make many more amazing stationary like this.


Meanwhile, I finished this.


For more information on the products, please visit their Facebook page. The link is


The Forlorn Song

My forlorn song 🙂

Madras Misfits

Day by day, I endure:
a sweet pain forlorn,
for the love that lives
unfilled and dying.
Prominent like the moth
around the candle it buzz,
I see him smiling,
and I see myself melting.
Yearning and pining,
for a touch of amour,
I see myself waiting.
For don’t know how long!
For he is the hurricane,
wrecking my peace,
for it was never mine,
and would never be.
Author Credits- Karthika Krishnakumar
Karthika Krishnakumar
 Hey, Karthika Krishnakumar here. Someone who is pursuing her CA professional degree and alongside writes for her happiness. Writing is that one that isn’t my strong forte yet I feel even with my imperfect English, I can spin beautifully crafted words. 
Karthika blogs at Hopelessly Precise Musings and loves writing with a glass of wine on a rainy night.

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On Uncertainty and the Unknown

Madras Misfits it is 🙂

Madras Misfits


As I sip on my hot elixir of life, “coffee”, I wonder how often I find myself in a non-ending spiral of uncertainty. As thoughts and words try to fight its way out of my mind to my fingers, all that comes out is “nothing”. “Nothing” in the sense, words which are of no use, not blank spaces.

This entire time I had led a life where I had planned for everything. One week, one month, one year, 2 years and so on. Anything uncertain shook the earth under my feet. I felt I could plan and do things, but I was reminded time and again that it was nearly impossible. I often believed one wrote ones own destiny and one has to willfully move towards it. Even then, I often found my world changing like a kaleidoscope. Colorful, yes but always uncertain.

But then, isn’t it like this for…

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As we met

As our eyes met,
Sparkling eyes smiled wide.
Tinted by mischief,
You pulled me close.

As our fingers met,
Stars shone bright.
Smothered by pine,
You held it soft.

As our words met,
Cupids sighed from above.
Doused in amour,
You whispered it tenderly.

As our souls met,
Aura consumed us strong.
Pristine as it can be,
You made me whole, once again.



On self worth and inner demons.

You are definitely not alone..


​I have struggled with low self esteem for the most part of my life.

Growing up, I didn’t have the internet to compare myself with Photoshopped pictures. I didn’t pay enough attention to the media for it to instruct me to look or act a certain way.

Then, at one point, some people came into my life. They forced an imaginary ideal on me, thrust it hard upon me. I crumbled under the idea of perfection. I doubted myself, created impossible standards for myself and beat myself up when I failed to achieve them. I hurt myself, both physically and mentally, because I couldn’t meet the expectations I had created for myself.

I managed to sail through life with this issue. I was somehow able to dodge it; I found ways to cheat my way around my lack of self worth whenever it challenged me- when I lacked the confidence…

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Do you?

“Do you look at the mirror
When you, pick shirts
Wonder what I like,
Blue or black?”
She thought as she combed
Dry tangles off her hair.

“Do your eye lashes meet
When you, apply kohl
Highlighting your eyes
Beautiful as it is?”
He thought as he
Buttoned up his shirt.

“Do you wear the same cologne
The one I breathed in
Deep musky it was,
Reminded me of happiness?”
She thought with closed eyes
Smiling as the kohl dries.

“Do you blush red
When you think of me
The way I look at you
As you untangle your hair?”
He thought as he
Splashed cologne generously

“Do you feel ecstatic
Nervous and anxious altogether
When I walk towards you
With the treat of love?”
They pondered as they
Got ready for their rendezvous